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Behind the scenes with the staff

Welcome to our new blog section for Kasbah Ibiza. In this series we go behind the scenes of this beautiful sunset venue in San Antonio. Without the owners, management, chefs and staff, Kasbah Ibiza would not the place it is.

Today wt speak with Ashley who you can find at Kasbah most days doing what he does best - managing Kasbah Ibiza.

Name: Ashley, 33

Your history with Kasbah: Been at Kasbah 7 years... Ibiza 15 years

Position: Manager at Kasbah

Favourite food: Tapas or a good old burger

Favourite cocktail: Margarita or Negroni - the Pornstar martini at Kasbah is the best on the island

What do you love about Ibiza: Anything can happen here. I love the summer, people smiling and being happy, i love the weather, the vibe & the contrast in people. i think it's great that so many new nationalities are visiting the island. A lot of our customers come from all over the world and not just europe, countries like America, Australia, Korea, Japan, Russia and South America to name a few.

Secret tips: gotta be dinner at kasbah, the best kept secret in San Antonio and the sunset strip with the best food and view but that's biased. Another personal favourite would be watching sunset at Sa Talia - the highest point on the island with a breathtaking 360 degree view from the salt flats all the way through San Jose across to San Antoni.

When not working: I love to head out to sea on a boat or chill out at a beach club, normally salinas beach and spendin the day at Jockey club, then have a few sundowners at Sa Trinxa with my girlfriend

I don't really get to the clubs that often but my favorite venue for sure is Destino, pacha resort or anywhere on the island i can find Sasha or John Digweed playing. My favourite local DJ has to be a guy called Gustin from Ireland, based in Ibiza.

Thanks to Ashley for that peek into his Ibiza life.Remember, you can always come and see the man behind the interview by booking a table with us at our reservations page.

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